Web3 Messenger App

NFTSMS allows you to Swim with the Whales! Hang with the Apes! & Jam with the Punks!


Status: Beta Testing with a Client Website:
We adapted our airdrop engine, creating a wallet to wallet messenger. The sender creates a message and sends it. The receiver gets a message token in their wallet, goes to the NFTSMS.IO website, redeems the message token and reads their message. We are also introducing the Read to Earn (R2E) concept: the sender has the option to attach a cryptocurrency incentive, paid out to the receiver after reading the message.
Due to concerns about misuse, this app will only available as a B2B service to select marketing agencies.

Marketing Data

We can provide you with marketing data, targeting specific wallets based on recent activity, balances, or NFT holdings. Restack.AI runs automated routines, scanning the blockchain, to build the following near real-time marketing lists:
  • Wallets with a certain minimum balance,
  • Wallets containing certain NFTs,
  • Wallets that recently bought or sold a specific NFT,
  • Wallets where a certain amount of tokens were transacted.
So if someone sells their Bored Ape, you would know about it and could send them offer directly to their wallet!