Our high-level vision on RESTACK coin tokenomics. Our model integrates traditional B2B IT consulting with a Web3 ecosystem, ensuring sustainability.

Circular Economy

The diagram below illustrates the coin flows from acquisition to consumption. Gaming ecosystems require continuous innovation to remain current with market trends. Moreover, the user base, which correlates with revenues, fluctuates for various reasons. Therefore, our traditional consulting business: B2B projects, outsourcing, and outstaffing allows us to subsidize the ecosystem as needed and vice versa. That allows us to balance our risks, grow our business, and continuously improve our ecosystem. Token holders will be rewarded with NFT and cryptocurrency drops based on the amount and duration held.
RESTACK Token and Ecosystem: A Circular Economy with External Inputs from our Traditional Business Lines

B2C Revenues

Consumer revenue will come from in-game sales and app service fees, living within our ecosystem. Part of the revenue will be reinvested into the gaming and NFT holder rewards. Also, we will make periodic donations to NGOs supporting the Ukrainian war effort. Surplus funds will help fund and grow our traditional business in Ukraine.

B2B Revenues

Restack LLC in Ukraine will set aside a portion of our IT Services profits to fund ecosystem user rewards and donate to the Ukrainian Army.


Currently, grants and client projects are our main sources of revenue. We aim to scale this business by hiring Ukrainian developers to deliver projects in the EEA and North America.

Outstaffing & Outsourcing

The scalable business models allow for long-term organic growth and revenues, buffering us against the volatility associated with the crypto and NFT space.


Aiming for 50,000 users in our ecosystem, the NFT holders will mostly be 18-35 males in Southeast Asia, working in technology-related jobs with above-average earnings. That allows us to place clever and tasteful ads in our games, enabling us to increase investment into the gaming experience: new features and more rewards.