The Restack token is our utility token, required to play our games and use our apps.

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Players use RESTACK to pay entry fees into the games and buy the game’s in-game (off-chain) currencies, which are used to shop in the in-game store. Players can buy stylistic accessories, weapons, recharge their NFTs or accounts, and advance levels. The transactions are one-way, meaning that once RESTACK is exchanged for the “local” currency, it cannot be traded in reverse. RESTACK can be earned from staking and as a special reward. The coin is live, and we will list it on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and centralized exchanges in 2023-2024.


Currently, Restack holds 99%+ of the tokens: the co-founders, the angel investor, and the company allocation for promotions. Currently, only ca. 40,000 tokens have been distributed to the public. The rest of the 10%, or ca. 9.96 million tokens, will be distributed to community members and influencers prior to ICO. The maximum supply will be 100 million tokens. Please see Solscan for more details.
Token Distribution as of March 14, 203


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