Our Strategy

We are taking a multipronged marketing approach based on the risk vs return.
Restack.AI Marketing Strategy: How we target public awareness within the cryptospace for both B2B and B2C audiences.


We believe that the best marketing is completed projects! Therefore, we are currently focusing on our client and ecosystem deliveries. The clients often promote us in conjunction with the products we deliver. For example, will act as a highly qualified reference and will promote Battledome since they have mutual interest in the game's success.
Once the top three layers are established, we will do press releases, highlighting our accomplishments, and undertake a Google Ads campaign, aiming for a large B2B software development project where we can employ at least 5 people for 1 year.
Several times per month, we publish articles on our website and, discussing technical topics, our projects, and the NFT space in general, building our SEO rankings. Currently, we are searching for a Discord community manager and Steve will start a weekly livestream on gaming and development, engaging the audience and building our own following.

Target Markets

  • We build SaaS and custom solutions for business clients,
  • Solana NFT projects to join our ecosystem.
  • NFT owners of ecosystem member projects, playing games and using the apps.
  • Individual users of our apps.

Social Media

Currently, we use Twitter and Instagram to market Tractors and Tanks, our future NFT project to raise money for the Ukrainian army. Nevertheless, we mention our company, services, and ecosystem.
We use Medium to discuss our technical offerings and plan on engaging with developers by creating our own Reddit channel in the future.

Community Channels

We plan on engaging with our community via Discord and Twitch. Currently, we are building the channels, developing content, and searching for a community manager. We are also considering Reddit since their NFT launch.