NFT Statistics

Key figures on NFT's and those that buy them
NFT holders are mostly young males from Southeast Asia. However, there is little information on the whales: those who wallets hold a substantial amount of monetary assets in the form of cryptocurrency tokens or NFTs. Studies shows that a few whales hold the majority of high value NFTs on Ethereum. It's classic Pareto: 16.7% of wallets hold 80% of the NFTs!


Key Figure
Wallets with NFTs
545,000 in 2021 to 28.6M in 2022
Average Paid for NFT
$1000 ca. 8/21 and $100 ca. 7/22
Mostly Male
Age Range
Mostly 18-34
Mostly between $25 and $50K per year
Mostly SE Asia: Singapore, Philippines, Thailand
6.6 million NFTs owned in America and rising

Our View

Although the NFT bubble has burst, like the one did over 20 years ago, we continue to see mainstream adoption of NFTs not only as collectibles but also offering utility: membership, proxy for ownership and paperless solutions. Topps Trading Cards DC Comics and Tiffany's among other large brands are adopting NFTs. We are aiming to work with a major brand or an established company, helping them realize their NFT and blockchain strategies.

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