The OPEN NFT Platform invites both new and struggling NFT projects to participate in an ecosystem that is both entertaining and creates value for their once NFTs.
Restack.AI solves the problem by creating “The Open NFT Platform.” New and existing NFT projects subscribe to our GaaS (Gaming as a Service) platform, giving their users access to our ecosystem. Users can stake their NFTs for Restack tokens (RESTACK), which they can use to enhance gameplay, run the apps or sell on the open market.
The fully populated concept will create a critical mass for our games and synergy between diverse NFT projects. We will track usage in detail, rewarding individual performers and the NFT communities contributing the most value. Many NFT holders, playing games at the same time, will open up opportunities to advertising models as we see in spectator sports.
Moreover, the “loop” is not closed! The marketing and fintech apps are independent of the games, appealing to retail and commercial clients. Prospective app users can buy RESTACK directly from holders or on the market without owning an NFT.