Completed Projects

Dacoco GmbH

(August - November 2022)
We completed the Battledome battle royal simulator for Dacoco. The Swiss based firm created the Alien Worlds P2E game with 100,000 active users and employs around 100 people worldwide. We won the inaugural Galactic Hubs pioneer grant and completed the project ahead of schedule. Key components include a battle simulator, coalition strategy, cooldown and healing mechanics and in-game currency prizes. In the future, we will roll out an in-game store and own NFT collection in cooperation with Dacoco GmbH. This project gives us first-hand credibility that we can work with professional and corporate entities, fulfilling their requirements.
Promotion Video for the Battledome by
Gameplay Overview Interview with David Lee at Alien Worlds
Interview with Alien Worlds about the Galactic Hubs Grant (Part 1)
Interview with Alien Worlds about the Galactic Hubs Grant (Part 2)

Apex Ducks

(February - May 2022)
We completed Duck Racerz - our first commercial project for the Apex Ducks Solana NFT project. We built a racing simulator as a hosted solution. Features include in-game currency payouts, an in-game store, which accepts the in-game currency, and a wagering component, allowing racers to pay an entry fee, the house to take a rake and the winner receiving the wager pool minus the rake.

Saltwater Games

(August 2022-September 2022)
We provided Agile coaching and project management services to the UK based mixed reality startup. For three weeks, we reviewed the current delivery routines and made recommendations for Scrum and Kanban implementation, including change management.


(November 2022)
Our CTO won the three-day Superteam sponsored hackathon event by creating an innovative self-managed digital wallet for refugees. The solution not only includes a single sign-on from a Google account, but also it allows for integration with document verification registers (e-Registry and e-Apostille). The project was inspired by the UNHCR’s persons of concern need to implement its strategy on digital identity and inclusion while offering new opportunities to refugees.