Business Model

We are a Ukrainian-based IT services company focusing on Web3, blockchain, and NFT development. Our ecosystem project allows us to develop our skills and new and innovative technologies.


Currently, most of our revenue is derived from consulting, providing development services to external projects. We intend to grow this business by delegating projects to employees and partner firms in Ukraine. The consulting business will support our ecosystem and vice versa, giving us a balanced business model: steady cashflow supplemented by internal product growth.

Staffing & Outsourcing

Recently, we started a staffing service offering Ukrainian talent to clients in Switzerland and Germany. Our competitive advantage is that not only do the senior members of our team interview the candidates but also mentor them after placement. Our client's overall success is our ultimate goal. We focus on supplying the following:
  • Frontend Developers (React)
  • Backend & Blockchain Developers


When the market conditions permit, we aim to launch our own ecosystem and token concept: The Open NFT Platform.