Gaming as a Service

GaaS allows the customer to focus on their core business.
Like many SaaS (software as a service solutions), our gaming and app solutions are hosted by us, reducing risks for our customers, associated with an in-house software development team. Our clients can focus on revenue related activities like sales, marketing, and community building while we take care of the hosting and maintenance. Moreover, the common code base allows us to develop and rollout new features on a periodic basis to the end-users benefits.
Nevertheless, some clients prefer to have exclusive features. We can develop custom modules, exclusive to the client, which run on top of our main codebase. That reduces costs and risks while offering the customer's end-users a unique experience.
By providing our software as a service solution, we retain the rights to intellectual property for all our games and apps. This gives our solutions better re-usability, maintainability and security, and all future feature requests must be done through our consulting services either as agreed monthly services or extra projects quoted and delivered separately.