We take the following measures to ensure our apps are robust and secure.
Both founders have an extensive background in IT security, having worked in the credit card fraud detection, banking and finance, defense and government domains. We take measures against the following:
  • Multiple and counterfeit wallet login,
  • Penetration testing,
  • DDoS Attack,
  • SQL Injection.
The above list is not all-inclusive. We are constantly keeping abreast of new trends and tools to stay ahead.
We also have in-depth experience with RSA security, public / private key management, JSON Web Tokens (JWT's), intrusion prevention, OWASP principles, static code anaylsis / code quality, unit testing, integration testing and software security audits.
We are also familiar and experiences with designing software that conforms to relevant legislation for correct and secure handling of user data, including the European GDPR directive.