Core Components

Our codebase is broken down into reusable modules, allowing us to build solutions faster, cheaper and with less risk.

GaaS Engine

Our Gaming as a Service engine operates from a single codebase with a configuration layer, allowing for quick setup and implementation for the following gaming scenarios:


The following are our core game engines, which are scalable and and easily configured to accommodate different concepts. Clients can opt to buy and customize any of the engines below, making it specific to their project or participate in The Open NFT Platform.

Single Combat

1-1 fights between NFTs are a popular concept, allowing users to pay an entry fee and the winner takes all minus a nominal rake. In essence it’s a 50/50 game. We will use the trading card game model so that users can select weapons, armor and other items to enhance their NFT’s attacking, defending, movement and luck factors. The items will be off-chain and purchased with the in game currency. Our single combat engine can be connected with the Battle Royale, described below.

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale expands on the single combat concept, adding a tournament element to the game where a set number of players battle until only one is left standing. The strategy and dynamics will resemble “Survivor” or “Hunger Games,” encouraging teamwork, treachery and strategic play.

Multi-Level Quest

The quests involve doing tasks to earn in-game currency and experience. There will also be opportunities to earn $RESTACK and even Solana. The users will have the options to buy upgrades to circumvent “grinding” to advance levels faster.

Economic Mechanisms

Our GaaS Platform also contains reusable code for the following features, allowing for quick and risk-free setup.

Cooldown & Healing Mechanics

After gameplay, either the player's NFT based account or individual NFT playing pieces will need to “cool down” before they can use them again. Winners will be exempt from the cooldown but the rest of the players will either have to wait or they can recharge by spending in-game currency.

In-Game Store

Each game will have a store where users (NFT owners) can purchase off-chain items to enhance their NFT’s performance in the games. These items remain with the NFT in an account connected to the NFT’s wallet address, enhancing the value in the secondary market. Users will purchase in-game currency with $RESTACK and then purchase the items.


We have ready-made components to support wagering: accept an entry fee, collect rake fee and payout the net collected to the winner. This component comes with supporting logs. Gameplay can be completely random or weighted based on NFT parameters. The clients must meet regulatory requirements and show supporting documentation to qualify.

Microtransaction Engine

We have an engine that automatically processes (sends and receive) high volumes of sub-dollar and NFT transactions.


Our games share the following user analytic components:


We have automated routines to display the latest winners and cumulative rankings by month for individuals and teams.

Location Data

Using the players login IP address, we can discern what country they are from and provide statistics of the most active users.

Audit Logs

We retain logs that do not contain any personal information to reconcile payout errors or disputes.