Based in Norway and Ukraine, we are a traditional IT services company specializing in Web3. We are building an innovative gaming and app platform open to existing NFT projects.


Many NFT projects fail to deliver on their promises: creating underlying asset value by building user engagement. The roadmaps often promised staking, tokens, games and air-drops. Although some “rugs” were intentional, most happened because the projects lacked technical expertise and access to ethical and competent technology partners.
Modeled after Gala Games, Restack.AI aims to solve this problem by creating “The Open NFT Platform.” (Currently, the platform is based on Solana, but it can be adapted to other chains due to our technology-agnostic architecture.) Existing NFT projects subscribe to our GaaS (Gaming as a Service) platform, giving their users access to our ecosystem. Users can stake their NFTs for Restack tokens (RESTACK), which they can use to enhance gameplay, run the apps or sell on the open market. Not only does the concept create a critical mass for our games, but also synergy between diverse NFT projects. We will track usage in detail, rewarding both individual performers and the NFT communities contributing the most value. Having many NFT holders, playing games at the same time, will open up opportunities for advertising models as well.
The “loop” is not closed! The ecosystem's marketing apps and fintech utilities are independent of the games, appealing to both retail and commercial clients. Although app users are not required to own an NFT to run the utilities, they must acquire RESTACK directly from holders or on the market to use them.
Our primary business is software development and technology consulting. Since our inception in February 2022, we have become experts on three blockchains (Ethereum, Solana and WAX (EOS)), successfully delivering three projects while developing our own technology in parallel. We are co-located in Norway and Ukraine, giving us ample access to the extensive technical talent required to develop high reliability and secure games and applications.
Hence, the Open NFT Platform also acts as a technology showcase to prospective clients. We already completed three projects: Apex Ducks Solana NFT project, Alien Worlds WAX based NFT P2E game and NFTSMS secure messaging app for Solana and Ethereum. Note that we sell our services only as hosted solutions, giving us full ownership of the intellectual property rights (codebase).
Steve Murphy and Alexander Grover are experienced corporate software professionals with over 50 years combined experience, working with high availability systems in banking & finance, retail, and gaming. Our company received a $40,000 angel investment at a $1 million valuation. We are seeking additional investment, allowing us to grow Restack.AI full-time while expanding sales and marketing efforts.
Restack.AI company homepage Tractors and Tanks (NFTs for Ukraine) Restack Coin (Our Solana token) NFTSMS ("Wallet 2 Wallet" messenger) Whale Watchers (NFT transaction monitoring) Sol-racer (NFT racing game) Assembly Line (Personalized NFT builder) Sol-split (Royalty sharing app – Magic Eden hackathon entry) Duck Racerz (Racing game for client) Battledome (Battle Royale game for client)


Alexander Grover, CEO & Co-Founder of Restack.AI Steve Murphy, CTO & Co-Founder of Restack.AI

Company Information

Restack LLC in Ukraine (Org no. 44444416) Restack AS in Norway (Org no. 919382414)


Alexander Grover [email protected]